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  1. Mobile game Wikipedia - Mobile games have been developed to run on a wide variety of platforms and technologies These include the (today largely 
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  3. The best portable game console you can buy | The Verge - Dec Millions of people who never owned a home or mobile game console now do and the thousands of good bad and somewhere in between 
  4. Mobile gaming widened its lead over all other game platforms in - Mar In mobile games were a $ billion business worldwide according to the report PC and Mac games were second as a platform at $ 
  5. Which Platform to Choose For Your Next Mobile Game? Code Tuts - Jun Note that we only focus on the D aspects of these platforms Unity is a mobile game engine that supports C# and UnityScript a language 
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  8. essential mobile game development tools | Game Development - Oct The former enables developers to use the SDK as a standalone Flash runtime to port games to mobile platforms while the plugin brings 
  9. Best CrossPlatform Multiplayer Mobile Games Mashable - Nov More and more mobile game developers are learning that their titles have to reach across playforms if they want to bring everyone in on the fun
  10. Cross Platform Games Facebook Developers - Providing crossplatform functionality to your game allows your players to play version of the game may differ from the achievements on the mobile version
  11. Moai | The mobile platform for pro game developers - Jul Moai is the mobile platform for pro game developers It&#;s open source based on Lua and has a complete set of client libraries Get Moai
  12. MobileGame Revenue to Surpass Console and PC Study Says WSJ - Apr Mobile videogames are expected in for the first time to generate more revenue than games played on PCs and consoles
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  14. Gaming Solutions for Developers | Google Cloud Platform - Synchronize data across mobile console and PC Scale and orchestrate your game centrally from the cloud and get realtime analytics on your game
  15. Mobile Gaming Platform Finnplay - We believe mobile is not just another deliver channel More and more users consume gaming only from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets
  16. Choosing The Right Mobile Casinos and Mobile Gaming Platforms - Helpers guide to list of best Mobile Casinos and Mobile Gaming Platforms to play on the go for players
  17. What are Mobile Games? Definition from Techopedia - Because most mobile devices have limited system resources mobile game features are not as rich as games designed for PCs or gaming consoles
  18. Rakuten launching browserbased mobile gaming platform in Japan - days ago Japanese commerce company Rakuten is planning to open a gaming platform optimised for mobile in Japan this month The company has 
  19. Don&#;t look now but the PC is the world&#;s biggest gaming platform - Jan If you follow the business side of the game industry at all you&#;re probably sick of hearing how mobile gaming is a fastgrowing business 
  20. The leading mobile game development platform | Corona Labs - Corona SDK is the top platform for building highquality D mobile games on iOS Android Kindle and Windows Phone
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